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The benefits of GfA membership

Successful people who use self-determination to focus their lives are guided by certain principles and methodologies. They invariably regard this kind of development as a lifelong task.

  • Holistic benefits
  • Professional benefits
  • Other benefits of membership

Learn more about these principles and methodologies and use them to successfully shape your work and personal life.

Holistic benefits

  • GfA membership will regularly offer you inspirational ideas for lifestyle and professional development.
  • Your ability to deploy your energies and resources effectively and efficiently will be enhanced.
  • You will improve your problem-solving skills in a wide variety of personal and professional situations.
  • GfA membership will provide you with clear orientation in the context of global business, flexible job structures, media and information overload, and an increasingly segmented society.
  • You will become part of a network of people with a wealth of personal and methodological skills
  • You will benefit from the experiences of other members and pass on your own valuable experience to others.

Professional benefits

  • By applying work-methodology tools via situation analyses etc., you will create a solid platform for your own job success.
  • The opportunity to receive advice from expert work methodologists and exchange experiences with them will help you work more effectively and efficiently and thus make better workplace decisions.
  • Active participation in a GfA group will immediately improve your public speaking and social skills.
  • If you become involved as an organiser, moderator or speaker, you will develop a wide range of skills. In addition, you will boost your profile and expand your personal network. Furthermore, businesses look very favourably on such activities.

Other benefits of membership

  • Reduced admission on group nights (TGs and local groups).
  • Create podcasts using your own GfA APPS
  • Access to GfA workshops, congresses, symposiums and methodology days
  • Via the members-only area of the homepage you can, for example, access all volumes of the “Forum” and “Der Arbeitsmethodiker” in PDF format from 1973.
  • Selected scans of “Arbeit am Ich” (predecessor of Der Arbeitsmethodiker) will be available from mid-2022.
  • Historical lectures (unabridged) from mid 2022
  • Videos (from mid 2022)

Membership in the GfA

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