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Since 1954, the Gesellschaft für Arbeitsmethodik e.V. (GfA, Society for Working Methods) has been dealing with practical methods and holistic approaches for a self-determined personal and professional life. The society’s events and publications address people who want to develop professionally and privately. A whole range of practical expertise is applied in the community. Members pass on their experience and develop sound strategies for problem-solving or optimisation. In doing so, the society always remains in touch with the latest trends. Social media channels and virtual assistants like Alexa are integrated into the programme, as well as videos and traditional media. These topics are the focus of the teams and study groups: 

  • Impulses for professional development
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with one’s own energy and resources
  • Problem-solving skills for private circumstances and professional situations
  • Orientation in times of global business, flexible work organisation, societal segmentation as well as media- and information overload.

With GfA membership, you become part of a community composed of all age groups. Specialists from many professional branches are active in the network of experts – from long-established artisans to young female e-commerce entrepreneurs. Retirement is not an obstacle for those interested in GfA. On the contrary. Many years of personal and professional experience provide interesting input for social evenings, seminars, talks, podcasts and other offers.

Thematic study groups: Here’s where the action is! 

In different study groups, members of the society Gesellschaft für Arbeitsmethodik und Lebensgestaltung meet to provide information or learn about issues in many different ways. Among other things:

  • AI
  • Study group “Art Culture Gallery Music“
  • Lifestyle and orientation towards the future
  • Profession and making progress

On the waves of success: The story of the GfA

The inventor Gustav Großmann lay down the metaphorical foundation for the GfA. He was pioneer of methodical work- and lifestyle in Germany and found many followers for his Großmann method. The founding members of the society were all students of this famous rationalisation expert. Members wanted to help each other and close gaps in their knowledge. Support was and is still paramount. Soon, international members also found their way to the society, for example from Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. The society gained in prestige and the media started to take notice of the high quality talks and events. Some of them were even broadcast on TV.

Good reasons for membership

Many managers and consultants have already reached a broad audience via the GfA and have been able to enhance their profile considerably. Other members have made enormous progress in personal and professional terms with the help of experts within the society. Not just start-ups profit from the condensed competence, but experienced business people also get important insights in order to keep their business on target. After all, good contacts are not to be underestimated, and they are an automatic part of a living network in which members regularly meet in person as well.

There are many good reasons to join the GfA. You can download the application form on the website. 

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